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The windows of the local "Offices de Tourisme" are my best informers. In one numeric shot, I've stored all coming events. I'll sort and process them at home, on my blue work table by the window, or on the terrace. The local events comitees operate on tiny budgets. A paper poster is their only way to communicate B2C. One has to keep an eye open, always, not to miss a flutering pink flyer stuck on the One-way road sign.

I now know how to identify the type of event and its location just by its flyer. If the flyer is expensive, with a Photoshop lay-out look and subdued colors, we are in the "intellectual" side on my beat. The one where leftish grassroots organizations and "summer houses" crowds launched artsy events and fairs. If the flyer is simple and bright, mostly solid fluo pink, we deal with an ordinary local folks event (a jumble sale, a local Saint celebration, the melon or chestnut fair), organized by the conservative voting side of the country. Isn't that simple? And it works.

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