Running away


Week-end off at a friend's house, in the heart of the chic South of France. On the road, I got yet another "School" road-sign for my collection. In this particular one, the pair of children are running. One boy, one girl, stylized. Brother and sister? Probably from the seventies. Please note: my friend does not live in Suzette, home to the delicious muscat "Beaume de Venise". I just snapped this photo from the car while driving.

In a stupendous village, entirely populated by rich liberal families on vacation , I can clearly see the gap (the abyss) between two concepts of country life. Affluent Town people with a hide away retreat in the lavender fields  (wonderful piano concert under the stars, tonight) and all year round locals, stuck in the fields.  (The County has just closed down the 6.40 PM  bus run to the city, what are we going to do with no car, son will have to be enroled in boarding school in town)

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