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This strange party cavorting on a small mountain road is a stag party. I got the tip well in advance, through a rafting instructor.  It could be an item for my weekly page.  Every week, I call campings managers, Kayaks-renting ventures, bed and breakfasts, local tourist boards, to hunt small stories and midget-events such as this one, and to fill out my pages. I takl to my contacts with my mobile phone, in my bathing suit, while suntaning on the river beach.It is an extraordinary office life.

A stag party would make a welcome change from jumble sales. Obviously, I've checked the tip . A party of twelve boys has booked a two-days rafting trip, with camping gear and  mountain guide. The manager says  the outdoor stag parties are an emerging business. So, that's news, and one good occasion to boost the tourist trade in these isolated mountain gorges.

On the given day, I arrived at the rendez vous, deep in the mountains.The groom-to-be and his mates were really young, no older than 25 years old. The bride-to-be was having her own hen-party in the big city, at a beauty spa, with her friends. The guys had started to booze and go wild a couple of days earlier, and they wanted to end this spree in nature, the hard way. The wedding was planed the following week.

I think they really suffered.  I watched as they put on their rafting gear. When the instructor told them they first had to walk for an hour to find enough water to raft, they laughed a lot less

You will only see this photograph, not a really flattering one, with their gear floating in the wind. The group portrait was very nice - twelve guys in swimsuit, in one line - but I've learnt to be cautious with publication rights. They are young, but they are engineers, they work in nanotechnologies and satellites projects. You never know.

I've driven over a hundred kilometers to get this picture. For nothing. The paper decided that the angle was too commercial. I don't agree. I am sure that "A new tourist product: the outdoor stag party package" is a really good angle.

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