Hip Festival


It took my hard fall  from "metro-journalist" to "rural & local correspondent" to discover accousmatic art. Urban refugees and Second-home owners (when you could afford them) really boosted the artistic intelligence ratings here.  One of these intellectual philantropists launched twenty years ago an accousmatic arts gathering in the summer.I'll spare you the complex definition of accousmatic art. It's mostly electronic (or accoustic ?) music: the brainy kind. A concert goes like this: you listen to electronic compositions (short 3/4 minutes items) in a darkened auditorium. Very serious and earnest young engineers from every part of the world direct (from their laptop) an army of fifty loudspeakers. That is called an "accousmonium".  Three guys made the trip from Japan just for this. Not a familiar face in sight.  The article came out under the title "Can you play the accousmonium?".  A classy wrap for salads and potato peels.

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