Political inferno

A local told me a wonderful story about contry politics. You know, the kind of stories city people just love to hear. At the far end of the departement on a deserted highland, lived three tiny villages. Just to picture their isolation from the wide world: when the old tunnel of the valley road crumbled, they had to drive fifty kilometers, by other roads, to shop for groceries. For a year. One village is deeply catholic. The second one is fiercely protestant. The last one is communist. The three of them have been hating ... [Lire la suite]
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So cold

It's freezing. So, here is a picture of July in full bloom.
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I'll swap

I already have this 'School ahead" roadsign in my collection, but now, I have a under-the-snow version. By the way, if you have school ahead roadsigns, I'll take them. I'll swap or exchange doubles, triples, by mail.
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Grassroot babies

Fancy being born here ? I learnt of a widwives network through a specialist of the Marquis of Sade. Now, where is the connection ? This is the way things work in the country. The Marquis of Sade's specialist runs a second-hand bookshop in a nearby town. Peculiar man, but good with first editions. I droped by for an information. Had the Marquis de Sade really stopped in town in his life-time? It was important at the time, for a report on "Heritage week" for the paper. Yes, he had. See page so and so of "The... [Lire la suite]
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A cloud of words

Jean Véronis, a French scientist has invented a very clever (and poetic) little web-gadget. Write one word in the search box and you will see, graphically, the most related words on the web. Beautiful. Now, I tried it with "countryside". Country makes you think of ... what? grass? Space? Freedom? Beauty? See the results there. France seems to be the native country of "country".
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