Septic tanks on the agenda

A French 19th century council hall. During the summer, I "cover" a score of villages and small towns. A local correspondent has to sit through the town council meetings. I like it. In those small rural communes, the elected officials have known each other since first grade. They drop home after their day work to take off their overall, shower and put a proper tee shirt, like city people. One understands very quickly, without subtext, who is conservative or liberal, who takes care of the landowners' interests or tries... [Lire la suite]
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Political inferno

A local told me a wonderful story about contry politics. You know, the kind of stories city people just love to hear. At the far end of the departement on a deserted highland, lived three tiny villages. Just to picture their isolation from the wide world: when the old tunnel of the valley road crumbled, they had to drive fifty kilometers, by other roads, to shop for groceries. For a year. One village is deeply catholic. The second one is fiercely protestant. The last one is communist. The three of them have been hating ... [Lire la suite]
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