Bastille Day Banquet

Of course, it was the beginning. I was still filled with wonder. But I remember  discovering the town square that night, emptied of its carpark to make room for the annual Bastille Day Banquet. Entrusted with the photograph for the following week newspaper, I had a free ticket for a free "authentic" evening in a new country: the French provinces on the 14th of July.It was beautiful! Plane trees, pink twilight that comes with heat waves, the  blue-white-red flags decorating the square and the school. A tourist... [Lire la suite]
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My car is blessed

One of the great moments of my new life as a local correspondent.I had seen a poster stuck on a tree: "Saint-Christopher's blessing". Knowing that my newspaper is read by a majority of true catholics (masses, pilgrimages, rosary meetings), it was a professional duty to attend, even though I was born and raised a Protestant. What a day! Wonderful!. Saint-Christopher is workshipped in a tiny chapel lost in the mountains. "Lost" to a point  I was unaware of. From the valley, I... [Lire la suite]
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Around the departement

Will shortly be one line
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The plowing contest

Sociologists should study this phenomenon: the more industrialized farming becomes, the more villages in rural aeras multiply plowing contests. French farmers are so ill at ease with the way the trade is going, they can't go for a year without a couple of them. They just have to make believe nothing has changed, with old fashioned tractors and plowing nostalgia to bear the tough of GMO. A  plowing contest is a highly organized event, yet they are all the same. You have a field requisitioned as a  carpark, where... [Lire la suite]
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Who wants to foster an old horse ?

The blind mare On the verge of my territory - bordering Georgette's,  the "northern" correspondent -there' s a sign post: "Horses, retirement home".  Retirement for horses? An old people's home for old horses? I had seen horses, of indefinite age, meditating in a large meadows on the edge of the main road.  In times of news shortage, I thought at the time, that could be an item for my newspaper. At the end of August, this time of news-shortage arrives. No a ball, no town council... [Lire la suite]
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