Jazz under the plane-trees

Another wonderful moment in my new country-reporter 's life. Saturday afternoon,  last day of the Jazz festival,  the master-classes' students gave a free concert on the school square. The wonderful plane-trees offered a shaded outdoor auditorium. The students are slovacs, americans, italians. The local have disappeared. The annual jazz festival doubles the local population for one week and brings very good business in town. Nevertheless, local don't like jazz. They complain endlessly, because they can't park their cars... [Lire la suite]
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School ahead

A friend of mine passed on this fetichism, a long time ago. Collecting "school ahead" road signs. My part of France is a collector's paradise. Every decade is illustrated. From the thirties (Road authorities do not invest much in backwaters villages) to contemporary brand-new ones. I  never could convince my  paper to open a photo contest on vintage road signs. City girls have the strangest ideas...                       ... [Lire la suite]
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One meter of Pastis, please

Whaou...In a village fair, I have seen this object at the bar, for the first time. What is it? "Well...It is a meter of Pastis" says the young barman, as if every one should know. In other words: a serving tray for fifteen glasses of pastis, at wholesale price, in one go. Does the National Campaign against alcohol on the road knows about this? I wonder.
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Stag Party

This strange party cavorting on a small mountain road is a stag party. I got the tip well in advance, through a rafting instructor.  It could be an item for my weekly page.  Every week, I call campings managers, Kayaks-renting ventures, bed and breakfasts, local tourist boards, to hunt small stories and midget-events such as this one, and to fill out my pages. I takl to my contacts with my mobile phone, in my bathing suit, while suntaning on the river beach.It is an extraordinary office life. A stag party would... [Lire la suite]
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The dog fair

According to me, the dog fair is a genuine old country event. A hundred years-old, possibly. Farmers probably picked this convenient village, at a crossroad, and met there to swap or sell puppies, in time for the hunting season in September. Every thing else has enormously changed. Nowadays, you find pure-bred puppies of exotic races, such as porcelain-white Argentinian Bulldogs (they will wither in the local sun), mute japanese dogs, for 600€ a piece! Of course, people look, but do not buy. A dog-breeder of "Bruno du... [Lire la suite]
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Stop torture !

"No! We do not want to be irradiated!" says the orange banner. "Together against torture!" says a post in the shop-window. What is happening? Are the anti-nuke at it again? No, they are just opposing the new mobile telecom antena. Just like in town... They have been given shelter in a local grass root community center (protesting torture, among other things). I did not pursue this piece of news, although it could have been useful, consumer orientated, and interesting. You see, some of the local... [Lire la suite]
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Farming high-tech

I 've learnt how to zoom on news that will really stirr interest in my readers. For instance, this piece of farming machinery, above. It's a prototype. Four samples, no more, are to be found in France. One of them just round the corner from my place. The farmers around here often work for "seeds makers" (farming seeds). They grow acre of  leeks, onions, carrots, parsley, just for their seeds. Now, seeds are difficult to harvest. When mature, the seeds of each plant must be collected without delay. If not, they... [Lire la suite]
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Medieval Tango

Miss Fuzzy Fotos at it again. It's on purpose! I secure a press invitation for a tango workshop. The locals really do enjoy themselves. Astronomy and star gazing meetings, village fairs, parties, picnics, rallies, jumble-sales, and now tango. In my opinion, they are in a hurry to make the most of it before winter. I hardly know the village where the event takes place, and nearly got lost in a maze of pitch dark medieval alleys and courtyards, extremely authentic. How come a movie producer has not snapped this location for... [Lire la suite]
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Our pebbles

The pebbles in our river are extremely beautiful. Billions of them, but all different,  ultra-smooth. White or beige under the sun. A delicate gray when the sun lies down. Around here, people come equiped with plastic transparent sandals in the summer. You immediatly spot tourists and out-of-town folks by the river side: they limp and moan, bare feeet on the beautiful but cruel pebbles. We use our river pebbles for everything: cars and doors stops, ashtrays, head-rests, and building material, of course. A progressive... [Lire la suite]
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Around the departement

Will shortly be one line
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